We believe that every musician deserves a top-quality instrument at a fair offer. A group of professional violinists, plays every instrument that we consider offering for sale. We know that our instruments are top-quality as all the instruments are carefully adjusted to ensure to meet their needs and expectation. 

As musicians, we understand the process of finding the perfect instrument and what musicians need. All instruments are carefully restored and adjusted to ensure the musician an instrument that meets all their needs and expectations. if the instrument is perfect for you then you won’t need any further persuasion.

The collection of violins and bows are grouped in four price ranges: below $4000, mid-price below $8000 and advance violin below $13000, Professional fine quality from $15000 and above, all of which can be accessed by clicking the links in the left category panel. Each Instrument has four – Six photos, full details of age, length and condition.